Rush Artistic Productions
                                A Native Texan's Unique Talent
ETCHING * RUSH STYLE*:  (16"x12" SCRATCHBOARD) "Winter Moonlight - Wolf Rock
" commissioned by Attorney William A. Allen who's Texas Ranch is named after the
nocturnal and rare animal.  Note the 3D effect of matted hair and the clarity of the eyes.  For these
qualities, Rush is commissioned often to do portraits of pets.
Oil On Canvass:  "Dawn Arrivial - Tahiti" (4 ft x 5 ft)   Rush preps his own canvass then works with Rembrandt or Grumbacher oils to render
color-&-light blended works like this - now in the private collection of Houston Attorney & Yachtsman L.H. (Stu) Stewart.
Enjoy your tour through these galleries of Fine Art exhibiting a wide spectrum of mediums and subjects.
Original Artistic Productions by  ARTIST William Rush of Houston, Texas
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Rush is a true Artist with fathomless creativity and an extraordinary attention to detail.
The Artist
Taylor Elizabeth Harris:  The
constructed scene was created from a
few photos, depicting a chilly Fall day in
colorful Texas countryside.  The pose,
Hairstyle, Emporio Armani Custom Cap
and Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters
compliment her natural beauty.
Taylor's Paint Horse and Ford
Mustang are gifts from her
loving parents Angela and Jay.
This Portrait is another non-Traditional (RUSH Style) WATERCOLOR on "Fluid" 140 Lb. Cold pressed, pH neutral Watercolor Paper, cut to 16x20
Size.  Layouts are done in Pencil and Color-Wash, work surface is Drafting Table with articulating top, artificial sun lamps, and TUBE Trays.
"Penelope", "Charlotte" beside twin sister "Daphne",
and little "
Beatrice"  (starting with the white cutie and
going clockwise
) are the much loved pets of John &
Veronica Miller of Houston, Texas.
 The Live Photo Session
was an event to be remembered, as well as one I had sworn to
never do again.  The finished painting in no way hints at the
riotous CIRCUS performed at the foot of those stairs with all 4
doggies barking, jumping down, and running in circles as John
lay on the floor trying to entice them with treats.  Finally, in
desperation, he put leashes on them and then tried to hold them
in-place [2 at a time]  while staying out of the shot!  Their alert
gaze was produced by my high whistles - effective only about
twice.  Over the hours the patio light source changed and with
every adjustment of my camera tripod we had to start over.  John
and I took turns looking out the front window to make sure
Animal Control Officers had not been called to the scene by
alarmed neighbors.  My job then, as Artist, was to compose the
seemingly placid untethered Quartet seen here.     If everyone
loved their pets like John & Veronica - animal shelters would
have to close down.