Rush Artistic Productions
                                    A Native Texan's Unique Talent
Art Gallery 7
OIL ON CANVASS:  "The Discovery & The Resolution, Feb. 1779"  (Captain Cook's Last Voyage).  The painting is over 4 ft. Wide x 2 Ft. High before framing.  Rush
was inspired to this work after his second trip to the Hawaiian Island archipelago.  In order to appreciate the scale of the two
sun&salt-bleached ships and their crew, examine
the close-ups below
photographed using the Artist's Ring as a gauge.   
The crewmen depicted in this close-up digital photo at left were painted
with a Grumbacher 615  brush -
from which Rush removed all but a
single hair
- and painted under a magnifying loop.   There are over 30
men visible in the photo on the left.
Oil On Canvass:  "A Transatlantic Racer", The Hamburg - 1905, Royal Yacht Club of Kiel, Germany.  This 40x30
painting is in the Private Collection of a prominent Houston Attorney and Yachtsman.  
There are 8 crew members visible.
Registered Quarter Horse:   Nu Pastel on Velour
Antiqued Ink Wash:  STALLION - Quarter Horse
MEMORIAL PORTRAIT:  26:"x20" Eberhard Faber NuPastel On Hahnemühle Velour.                   
Texas Police Officer Killed In The Line Of Duty - Corporal Michael Wayne Rivers.
Washington D.C. Police Memorial Panel 3, E-11.