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                                   A Native Texan's Unique Talent
"While Matt's Away" Oil On Canvass 42x32:  The day is done.  The Longbranch closed.  Sam (Glenn Strange) has placed the chairs upon the tables
to sweep out and then put
Miss Kitty's favorite oil lamp and a bottle of Bourbon Whisky on the bar before leaving her to her thoughts.

Miss Kitty, born Beverly Louise Neill, started her Hollywood career as Amanda Blake but both names soon became forgotten tags as she soared to fame in
the CBS television series '
GUNSMOKE'.  Milburn Stone, 'Doc', said: "Without Amanda it wouldn't be Gunsmoke and that's a fact."  Red Skelton said that
she was "...
the most underrated straight-woman in Hollywood."  Amanda had a tough job under the censorship of the times, portraying a true 'schoolmarm'
sweetness while being the tough owner of a Brothel.  AMANDA said:
"Nineteen years is a hell of a long time for someone to be stuck behind a bar!"  So
Rush put her on the "Customer side" in this over-due Memorial portrait  She found her man, Marshall Matt Dillon, and both love and worry show in her
China Blue eye
s as she awaits Matt's return to Dodge City.        [NOTE:  There is no Studio or Publicity Shot of Miss Kitty like this scene created by Rush.]

RHINESTONE BROOCH:  The Artist owns the rhinestone brooch in the painting; it belonged to Amanda Blake and will be
displayed beside the painting in a Shadow Box with its
Letter Of Authentication.  The antique rings (on left hand
holding whiskey Tumbler
) are from the 1800s; one a small heart-shaped Ruby & the other a rare Rose Quartz.  The Whisky
bottle and Crystal Stopper are period correct (
examine the shape of the bottle's neck & mouth).  Lying at the base of the gilded
oil lamp is
an 1850s BONE HENSHALL BUTTON CORKSCREW WITH A DUSTING BRUSH.  Some 19th Century corkscrews had
a stiff-bristled brush to get rid of any debris or fungus that might have accumulated on top of the cork.  Yes, whisky was
sealed with a '
Driven Cork' and opened just like wine up until the screw cap was introduced by White Horse Distillers in 1926.

When asked during the production of this Memorial Oil Portrait "Why Amanda Blake?", Rush needed no time to form an
:  "Because she of all Actresses deserves one, no one else has ever painted one or been commissioned to paint one to
my knowledge, and it required a portrait artist who truly loved her to produce the
sensitive Kitty Russell we all knew!"

Of the original cast from Gunsmoke only James Arness, Burt Reynolds http//
Buck Taylor are alive today.  Buck, Marshall Dillon's deputy "Newly", is also an artist  
owned by
Amanda Blake

At the request of several  Begining Artists, some taking lessons and others who are 'self-taught' like Rush, here are a few more EARLY
WORKS by which they may judge the development of his painting style today & foresee their own potential.
"Retirement at Eight"  20x16 Oil On Canvass.
"Brandy Station Widow, 1863" 20x16 Oil On Canvass.
Fought on June 9th, near Culpeper, Virginia, it was
the largest cavalry battle ever fought on American
soil with 17,000 mounted participants gloriously
charging their foe with drawn sabers.  Union losses
numbered 866; Confederate casualties were reported
at 575.  This Texas lady has been delivered her
husband's hat and sword along with the grim News.
"Rural Texas Sunset"  36"x24" Oil On Canvass Board  
painted from memory while in California)
Interior Details are visible throughout
the old house
.  Through the front
screen door can be seen the
Wood-burning Stove and Dresser.
*  Please take the time to view this Video Clip sent to me by a Gunsmoke Fan: CLICK HERE:  REMEMBERING MATT & MISS KITTY
"He Will Provide" 20"x16" Oil on Canvass Board.  
This is a very early work and my first attempt at
something more "artsy" than Realistic.  Many
people have enjoyed it - and still do.
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