Rush Artistic Productions
                               A Native Texan's Unique Talent
PRESENTATION PORTRAIT:  President Lyndon B. Johnson & The
First Lady "Lady Bird".
 ( 34x26" NuPastel on Velour under TruSite Glass )  
Original Letter Of Appreciation to The Artist is on Stonewall Ranch
The Original Letter stored in a Bank Safety Deposit Box.
COMMISSIONED PORTRAIT:  Texas Army General Carroll A. Lewis of Houston,
Texas (appx 4' x 3').  In 1969 a new Texas Army was formed to honor its predecessor and
to keep the memory alive of those gallant men.  
Governor Preston Smith officially
reactivated the army for ceremonial purposes and
General Lewis has since dedicated many
decades of his life to the preservation of our
Lone Star State's colorful history and heroes.
Commissioned Oil:  "Lions' Pride" (3ftx4ft in Private Collection)
"Ranch Ranger" Early morning on Gov. Bill Daniel's Ranch  (20x26", in a Private Collection).  The horse was
so distracted by a dead wolf hanging in the distant tree line that no coaxing could turn his head forward
Commissioned Portrait of pretty Vietnamese Lady "Cherry
" (she is also in background as a teenager
before being wed
Presentation Piece:  "Christmas Pandas" (16x20")
The popularity of Pandas worldwide has
been a surprise to The Artist.

Rush  (CLICK Images To ENLARGE)
Commissioned Portrait of a Houston
Police Officer
(26x20" before framing)
TRADITIONAL WATERCOLOR:  "Texas Hill Country Wild Turkey" (16x20") original
painting is in a Private Collection)   
Crow Quill Pen&Ink on Parchment:  "Long Gone" (10 x
18")  sketched in the rain on a neighboring ranch.  Original is in a
Private Collection.
The Late Mr. Tom Little, Owner of Kay's Art Gallery in
Houston, posing with
an early portrait by Rush (painting is
in the Private Collection of
Mr. Earl Blair of Houston, Texas).
Art Gallery 4
Oil On Canvass:  "Opening Morning - Gulf Coast" (26x32" the first hot dawn of
Goose & Duck Hunting Season in Texas) Limited Edition Prints will be available
in the near future.      
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Seen above, 20 years later, the still handsome General Lewis poses
with his portrait in a 'TEXAS PROFILE' article in The Houston
Chronicle.  The portrait is displayed in what he refers to as his "ego
room".  In fact, it is a room which is filled with an extraordinary
variety of Texas and Houston memorabilia.  In the reporter's words:
enough muskets, deer horns, pipes, Confederate shoe buckles,
munitions, maps and miniature cannons to stock a small souvenir shop
"I have learned that only two things
are necessary to keep one's wife
.  First, let her think she's
having her own way.  And second, let
her have it
       Lyndon B. Johnson
The Artist has been an honorary Colonel in The Texas Army since 1973.  
This photo of
Rush as Congressman Crockett of Tennessee was taken by
Texas Army Colonel John Baker.   "Crockett was 'grinding poor' (in his own
) but wealthy Patron & friend Maj. M.B. Winchester, the merchant and
postmaster of Memphis, funded Crockett's terms in Washington D.C.