Rush Artistic Productions
                                                     A Native Texan's Unique Talent
Art Gallery 5    
NU-PASTEL ON CRUSHED VELOUR:  Rush reproduced a fading Tintype
(16 x 20)  Damaged
Civil War and WWs I & II photos are his specility.
OIL ON CANVASS:  From another old Daguerreotype nearly destroyed - the small
original was painted by
Rush and "colorized" as requested.  (16 x 20 )  ONLY when
a Client insisted on colorization was it done.  Otherwise, Rush recreated
the painting in it the original sepia color as the one at left ( a painting
which is
always confused as being an original photo.)
Life Sized PORTRAITS (all Mediums):  "Hard Earned Retirement" Mr. Emory A. Hasty, after retiring from Graphite Mines in Burnet
County, Texas (
20" x 26")  Notice the bifoculs on the glasses and the 3 deminsional appearance of his glasses frame and depth of his mouth.

"I can't tell you how very touched I was and daily continue to be moved by the beautiful portrait of my
beloved father that you painted!  The likeness is truly remarkable and when I look at his eyes, its as though
they are returning my glance.  You captured the depth of the most beautiful, touching eyes I've ever known.
(Attorney Paula Asher - Daughter of
Judge Johnny Gavrell)

"Just a few lines to express my sincere appreciation for your portrait of Judge Gavrel.  If the Lord intended
one to use their gifts for the joy and happiness of others, then you have succeeded.  The reactions of the
family as well as close friends upon the unveiling of the portrait are irreplaceable
."  Judge, L.H. (Stu) Stewart.

In preparing for a portrait of a deceased loved one, Rush meets with surviving family members, views albums and movies, and carefully makes
notes while interviewing groups and individuals.  Then, nearing completion, he arranges a "viewing" for last moment suggestions or clothing
change on the subject in the portrait.  There has never been a single disappointment at the many unveilings throughout the years.  Each finished
piece gets
Rush's experienced attention in selecting the right frame and matting and he helps arrange an Un-Veiling Ceremony and assists with
hanging the finished work in office or home.
Please Use the CONTACT FORM provided  in Art Gallery 10
Portrait:  "Christmas Kitty" - Lavena "Lou" Willbern of Burnet County, Texas.  
Read about the Lou's recollections in the Burnet County Library World War II
Oral History Project.  Her descriptions take you through the hard times during
The Depression, Rationing and The European & Pacific Wars.
Portrait:  Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
"Life Member" Shirley Tydlacka Rush
ETCHING * RUSH-STYLE:  This is another SCRATCHBOARD work donated by Rush to a Fund-Raiser Auction.  Once again - an Artist
surpasses a camera in gathering and reproducing details
.  In the original color photo you can see only small light tufts for ears - but viewing the
original photo under a Magnifying Glass (and comparing the findings with viewing the cat in the owner's home)
the "ferrell-looking" ears of a
natural hunter were visible
.  The recovered details made a dramatic improvement in capturing the beautiful pet's true likeness for the artwork.