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Rush Artistic Productions
                                                    A Native Texan's Unique Talent
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Watercolor: "Deep Winter" (18"X22" Framed & Dbl Matted)  Often confused as Oil, Casein, Gouache, or even Egg Tempera.
Rush uses Winsor & Newton or Grumbacher Watercolors, made in England, on 500 Lb Cold Press paper to achieve this realism.   
Commissioned Memorial Portrait of  Mr. George W. Strunk Jr., WWII Veteran.  This highly detailed work is
created on a bed of white clay-coated formica, covered with India Ink; then
the ink is laboriously 'scratched away'
with a
stylus to reveal the image.   This 16"x12" ETCHING called 'SCRATCHBOARD', is truly a 'lost Art' today.
Of this arduous rendering, Rush says: "Sadly, this is the only Portrait for which I was never paid my Commission.  
Even more unforeseeable - it was commissioned by Mr. Strunk's daughter
, Laura 'B.O.' Willbern." (She being one of the
two people who later would senselessly poison the woody-plants and shrubs under and around The
Artist's *Fiddle Tree*.)  
See pics in Art Gallery 10, lower half of the page for more details]  Mr. Strunk thought highly of me and would be
deeply upset to know that his daughter had acted so dishonorably to his fellow Military Veteran.
FOR ART STUDENTS:  2 more "Blasts From The Past".    On left is a Self-Portrait in Watercolors on 500 Lb Cold Press paper.  We (members
of The Texas Army and National Reenactment Society) were filming a Documentary of the Battle Of The Alamo at the John Wayne Movie Site in
Bracketville, Texas.  The portrait on the right is of my Niece "Missy" in Nu-Pastel on Cadet Gray Velour.