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Commissioning Artwork, Presentations & Purchasing Prints
Price & Payment for Artwork:

we all understand that we should

This is the one thing about being a 'Commercial Artist' which is the most difficult for me.  I wish I could afford to
give away every work completed.  But I cannot.  Thus,
fairness is more a guideline for pricing than snatching a
figure from thin air - or by polling the going rates for similar works of like subject, size and medium.  Instead, my
prices are calculated in the Weeks and Months required to render the finished work - yet always remaining within
the client's stated price range.  

Why so long at any project?  Lack of discipline perhaps?  Hardly.  Such detail as appears in my work is the
product of
agonizing discipline.  Maybe only another artist could understand when I reply that getting up from
any work-in-progress is forever anchored to "
Just one more small adjustment before I quit."  The next thing you
know -
it is tomorrow or the day after and you still have to clean brushes and prepare the palette for the
upcoming session following rest.

Generally, all work is paid in one of two methods:  
Method One - One Third on accepting the commission to do
the portrait or landscape - One Third upon Starting the painting - and the Last Third payable at the scheduled time
of Delivery or Unveiling ceremony.  
Method Two - One Half upon accepting the commission and immediately
beginning the layout & painting process
- with The Remaining Half payable upon delivery or unveiling.  
Fortunately for all concerned, necessary 'drying times' at certain stages in oils and watercolors allow me to continue the progress of
multiple projects on their own easels.
Surprising to me,
Method Two has most often been the choice of payment, however, either is acceptable.  The
only instance when the work is begun immediately is under rare emotional circumstances involving a sudden tragic
loss within a family and a memorial celebration of that life.

From time to time, there are individuals with limited financial means who have compelling reasons for a portrait and
I have always managed to work something out for them.  However, please don't read this as meaning that I will
'carry a note' for anyone.  That said: I can be reached to discuss your artwork requests directly via the
Form provided in Art Gallery 10.  All sincere Calls or Contacts will get my personal attention.



Although I have never been satisfied that any of my artwork is truly "finished", it has been my rich Blessing that
there has never been one client who was anything short of overwhelmed upon viewing, delivery or unveiling.  If the
portrait is to be a surprise, I help arrange the presentation ceremony whether in a private residence, restaurant, club
or auditorium. It is always a deeply humbling experience to watch a small family of 30 to 40 people packed closely
before a memorial portrait, arms interlocked, bodies swaying gently in unison as they cry, hug, smile, and behold
their loved one radiantly 'alive' again as they knew them -
and more so than any camera ever captured them!

Custom Framing, Double Matting, Hanging Paintings:  DISCONTINUED EXCEPTING "PRINTS".

Look!  A $20 dollar saddle on a $1,000 dollar horse!"
This old Texas Saying handily fits getting a 'wall mart' frame for a quality painting.  So, it is always my suggestion
that the cost of quality Framing be factored-in at the time of commissioning any work of art.  I take great pride in
coordinating the most suitable (
not most expensive) frame for an oil - or frame, double matting & glass for a
watercolor or a pastel
- in consideration of  the overall colors and furnishings where it will be displayed.  When
requested, I will travel any reasonable fee-covered distance to personally deliver and hang a framed work of art and
to be present at an unveiling party. Receipts for Framing are tendered for reimbursement upon delivery or
presentation of all artwork.  

At the time of this posting, a variety of high quality printers are being evaluated which can reproduce true colors on
white Lenin cold press paper and other Textured Fine Art Papers up to 24" by 30" in size.  Also, the shipping tube
selected will be of high quality as is the Indestructo Mailer used on the Hill Country Thunderstorm CD listed on
Gallery One: see "
Audio CD for Home or STUDIO".   When the combined expense of the large printer, printable
art papers, mailing tubes & S&H Fees are known to us, then we will place a very reasonable and fair price on each
requested print and all interested patrons will be notified (
with immediate production & shipment of the Print
Requests already placed
Please check back again for Print Size/Price plus Shipping & Handling
  Thank you for your interest in Original Fine Art.