Art GALLERY 12     
Rush Artistic Productions
                                      A Native Texan's Unique Talent
Most Recent Update:  January 2018
Mr. Jack Huddle, of Airmont Distributing Co. Inc. in Cypress/Houston, Texas
 Known far and wide by Goldwing Motorcycle owners, and now drawing in
Harley Davidson owners as well, "Buck" provides high quality upgrades to even the newest bike.  Not pricy
'gadgets' but only top notch improvements and devices to enhance both safety and pleasure.  
He is a New
Board Sponsor of the popular GL1800 Goldwing Forum
Goldwing Owners from as far away as Canada have ridden down here to have Buck do his magic!  Buck
keeps his schedules, works tirelessly, and settles for nothing short of perfection. If you don't know this man -
you have NO IDEA what can be done to enhance your motor riding experience, extend the Service Life of
your expensive Engine, and increase your odds of keeping the shiny side up.
Buck performing intricate Wiring on GL1800 Police Motorcycle (the
barrell shaped object on the right front of the Goldwing is a Whelen
Howler Siren generally used on Ambulances and Fire Trucks
First purely Commercial Format, illustrating a Business and its many Products & Services.  The painting size is 20" by 24" Framed.
"Dandelion Wine"  16x20 Fluid Watercolor
Paper, 140 Lb. Cold Press Finish (crafted in
European Mill since 1618).  Medium is SAVOIR
FAIRE Gouache, a concentrated watercolor which
makes it heavier and more opaque when rendering
'small details'.  As seen in prior art productions,
small figures are highly detailed under Artificial
Sun Lamps, a large Magnifying Glass, and
Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils.
This setting is circa 1910 somewhere in the Hill Country of Central Texas.  A painting likely to be judged by some as too
saccharine with its rich colors and a bucolic theme excessively sentimental.  But for me it was an escape from today's global unrest
and omnipresent threats back to a time in America when simple things such as a rural picnic among four young ladies was common
activity.  In my childhood I have many times seen such profusions of wild flowers and butterflies; almost impossible to paint the
true colors of Bluebonnets, Indian Blankets, Wine Cups, and Lantanas - or to convey the ambrosia of sweet laden air, birdsongs,
and swirling silent flight of a myriad of butterflies, moths, and skippers.  Perhaps this is the true Gift that an Artist can give others
by 'creating anew' such beautiful moments long gone.  As they enjoy the bottle of homemade Dandelion Wine, hopefully you will
enjoy a glimpse of yesteryear.
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Motor Officer/Instructor Adam Carroll of the Pearland Police
Department, Pearland, Texas
.  It has been my good fortune to
Train under this highly skilled Motorman (and Co-Instructor Mark
Davis) at the spacious training site,
New Hope Church in Manville,
.  In 2008 he endured 80 Hrs of intense training at famed
Notherwestern University
in conjunction with Harley Davidson to
become a certified Operator of Police Motors.  In 2010 Adam
completed an additional 120 Hrs at Northwestern U. to become a
Certified Police Motor Instructor.  Adam was honored as the
Knights Of Columbus OFFICER OF THE YEAR in 2005, and
IGHT SHIFT Officer O.T.Y. in 2006.   In 2010 he competed in
Space City Motorcycle Challenge (Police Motorcycle Rodeo)
and won 1st Place Novice in the Full Fairing Division.  How good is
he?  Well, he makes running the dreaded "Key Hole" pattern look as
easy as cruising down The Grand Parkway!
Another non-Traditional (RUSH Style) WATERCOLOR on "Fluid" Acid Free 140 Lb. Cold pressed, pH neutral Watercolor Paper, cut to 16x20 Size.  
Layouts & Lettering are done in Watercolor Pencil and Color-Wash, work surface is Drafting Table with articulating top, artificial sun lamps, and TUBE Trays.
The pretty and athletic daughter of Motor Officer T.J.
Barnes,  called "K.B." by her peers.  Most Dads are
rightfully proud of their daughter, but this is an
exceptional case of mutual devotion.

\TO BE CONTINUED - awaiting vitae.
Watercolor Portrait, 16x20 on 140 Lb Cold Press.  Downtown Houston skyline for background.  (FURTHER DETAILS PENDING)