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                                        A Native Texan's Unique Talent
Still Life "Musician's Workshop Of 2015"    16"x20" Watercolor on 140lb Cold Press in simulation of Oils on
Canvass.  This work is a vivid statement of today's struggle to enjoy peaceful pursuits in private reverie - while
remaining vigilant to Predatory Threats to safety.
A Tip for Art Students who follow my work:  You see many
small strips of Masking Tape surrounding the above
painting-in-progress: these are used throughout to hold the Cold
Press at varied angles to facilitate  inclusion of details
Another Tip here may best answer an often submitted question "How do you start a Painting?"  It all begins with a Layout in pencil that best reflects the Idea that you wish to convey.  In this
case, compare the two digital photos with the finished painting and you will see that a 'composite' using the different lighting and objects on the table was employed here.  It is your job as an
artist to intensify lights, shadows, and hues in such a way that a flat photograph has "depth" to evoke emotion and pleasure in the viewer's heart and mind.  Do not worry about details initially -
they will develop over time with intense focus.  Try not to be discouraged and send your work for my evaluation and assistance.   REMEMBER - a Paining is NEVER FINISHED!
Mr. Abe Gormanous of Houston, Texas had an early Christmas yesterday
afternoon when he was presented with this framed Memorial Painting.  Abe
has selflessly given much to the community through long years of unpaid
service handling the Books and Legalese for the Home Owners Board.  Over
the past decade Abe has been a regular and vigilant Citizen as he walked his
beloved Dachshund "Pepper".  And Pepper became 'everyone's' pet as all
had to stop and pet him.  His bark became a recognized Public Safety
Notice that he was On The Job announcing the coming and going of
unfamiliar Traffic.  When Pepper's voice stopped - EVERYONE HEARD
IT!     Today Abe is back on Patrol with a handsome golden-red Dachshund
named 'Cayenne'.  But as we all know, no Best Friend is ever 'replaced'.    
Now Pepper is back home and I cannot think of a better Christmas Gift.
16"X20" Memorial Portrait "Pepper", rendered with SAKURA Koi Transparent Watercolors and a combination of SAVOIR FAIRE and WINDSOR & NEWTON Gouache applied to 140 Lb
Fluid Cold Press Finished paper.   Background defused to project a Fall midday in Texas when temp remains high between Cold Fronts creating frequent fog.
Artistic License was used in painting the mirror;  
generally images are reflected in reverse, but it was
my responsibility as an Artist to free the mirror
from its passive role in this violin's story much the
same way of the magical mirrors presented in
Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll,
The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde,  
Beauty And The Beast by Disney, and Alfred
Lord Tennyson's poem
The Lady Of Shalott.   

It is said of mirrors,
"Artists use them to explore the
concept of reality."
FIDDLE ASSOCIATION" and the Lone Star logos
appear readable to the viewer and smoothly
outlines this Champion Texas Fiddler's fiercely
competitive background and promotional platform.

Society has viewed mirrors as mystical and
otherworldly objects for centuries and the mirror in
this painting is justifying that suspicion as any
honorable 'Enchanted Mirror' should.
If you love Live Music and Texas Tradition, you owe it to yourself and your family to attend one of the many annual Fiddcle Contests throughout Texas.  The Schedule for 2016 is posted on
T.O.T.F.A.s website:     I promise that you will have a great time watching World Champion Class fiddlers and very talented youth just entering
the contest circuit.  Most importantly, find out when Michael Weise is to perform with
The PHOENIX JUZEK.... no mortal man should be able to get so much harmonized sound out of four
strings -
Title:"The PHOENIX JUZEK", truly a Story Within A Painting.  The label inside the instrument proudly reads "JOHN JUZEK, Violinmaker in Prague, No. 922 yr 1960, Master art copy of
Stradivarius, Made in Czechoslovakia
". This priceless instrument, reflected along with its owner Michael Weise of Houston, Texas, was at one dark time crushed when run over by a car!  
Few musicians would have even considered the prolonged steps necessary in the violin's unlikely and expensive restoration.  But Michael persisted and after many 'major surgeries' the Juzek
was not only restored to a playable condition - but he went on to win multiple  State and World Class fiddle competitions with the instrument's rich voice  produced under his masterful touch
on the fingerboard and complex bowing.  Today Michael Weise is widely recognized for preserving the intricate Texas Fiddle Style with his unequalled Championship playing skills.
The photograph which Lloyd sent by cellphone.  
Compare the Artist's Eye to the Camera's Eye.
Title "Enchantment At Yellowstone's Lower Falls":  16"x20" Watercolor on 140 Lb. Fluid Cold Pres Finished paper (using Sakura Koi Transparent watercolors and
a combination of Windsor & Newton Gouache and Savoir Faire Gouache (often in a Dry Brush technique).
   The proud father is Attorney Lloyd Segall and the
happy child is his seven year old son,
Logan.   The two are on a 7,000 mile Vacation together.  Lloyd has earned such a trip by his tireless duties as  Senior
Assistant City Attorney
in the City of Houston Legal Department  - and - as Senior Assistant Chief Prosecutor in the Municipal Prosecution Section.

*   The Falls and mountains were moved forward closer to the Segalls to preserve the scene's awesome impact as perceived through a child's eyes.
*   A pale Rainbow was blended into the boiling mist (for the same reason).
*   Lloyd's shirt was painted red and a light blue cast was added to Logan's tee shirt (purely "Artistic License" to meliorate overall color production)
*   Extra Trees placed behind Lloyd & Logan, including more intense hues on sunlight patches and shadows upon the bark.
*   Enrichment of all rock surfaces and forest hues, highlights and shadows.
*   Excluded the Tourist Barricade (appears to be heavy gauge angle iron) and instead have Lloyd sitting on a tree stump.
Lloyd and Logan Segall, Summer 2016