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Rush Artistic Productions
                                                A Native Texan's Unique Talent
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Above & Below:  Both are non-Traditional Style Watercolors on Grumbacher 140 Lb. Cold pressed, pH neutral 'Gran Fin' Paper, cut to 8x10
Size.  Layouts done in Pencil and Color-Wash, work surface is Drafting Table with articulating top, artificial sun lamps, and TUBE Trays.
Watercolor & Acrylic Paintings not Published on this Site Before now
This is the original Photograph that HPD
Officer John Miller sent me on my Cell Phone.
Note the many Artistic modifications and
enhancements of
hues, lights, and shadows.
Watercolor:  "Miss Callie", daughter of Commercial Photographer Gregg Bishop of San Angelo, Texas.  A 'Piano Prodigy' who loves her kittens.
Memorial Portrait:  Watercolor "Rascal".  Of this sagacious little creature RUSH pinned this line on the back of the painting:  "He trotted in our Shadows - We walked in his Light."
Beloved Friend & Companion of Flo Marshall, Beaumont, Texas.  "Reflecting On Tuffy", a tribute to the enrichment of our life brought  by sharing it with God's little Creatures.
CONSTABLE Alvin Wyatt, San Jacinto County, Texas, Pct 4:  A man who "Knows The Law" and "Enforces it Fairly".
Motorman David Pena, HOUSTON MOTORCYCLE ESCORTS:  Watercolor - Layout done with Color-Wash and Berol Arcadia 167 Pencil.  Detail
lettering (
uniform shoulder patch, gas tank emblem, 'Motorola' radio box, etc;) done with Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils.   Officer Pena
has NO IDEA this portrait is being done.  I am ALWAYS looking for unusual lighting in mundane settings; when we were riding together this past fall,
I SAW A RICH PAINTING OPPORTUNITY as we sat side-by-side on our motors.  
If we ride together, and I'm taking your photo.....BE YOURSELF!  
John's powerboat is a 29 foot Baja Outlaw with
Twin Fuel Injected 454 Magnum 330 HP engines.
"Luthier" Philip Gold Testing a restored
vintage Violin.
Gold Violin Shop Inc.
7010 Mapleridge St. Houston Texas
77081-6625. (713) 729-2231. Philip
Gold - Owner
Digital Photo of Renowned Violin Maker Philip Gold
playing one of his MANY Fine Instruments.
This highly talented & industrious
man also makes Written Appraisals of
Instruments, pinpointing the Age,
Maker, and origin of your prized
Framed & Matted - Ready for Delivery
Philip created a small Branding Iron with which he
burns his name in Hebrew on each
custom bridge.
Mrs. Louise Rutledge Smith of Houston, Texas.  
This lady was the Mother of thirteen children.  She
was loved and revered by all who knew her.  For
many years she worked alongside her son
Troy B.
at his Funeral Home on Scott.  Her favorite
flowers were Roses and Calla Lilies; favorite Hymn
"Amazing Grace".  The book painted in the
background is page 53 from the Olney Hymns, with
Amazing Grace written by John Newton and
published in 1779.
Dr. Jan Miller Schwartz of Houston, Texas.  An
esteemed Dermatologist, Dr. Schwartz has a repu-
tation for really caring about her patients.  I call her
"Sherlock of Derma" because she so thoroughly
investigates the slightest blemish appearing on
skin.  Behind her I painted several different
cancerous cells, magnified and fluoresced, and she
named them all immediately upon viewing.  Sadly,
Dr. Schwartz has had to undergo radical surgery to
prolong her own life now.  Yet she can still be
found daily tending to patients who have no idea of
her own battle.  This Portrait uplifted her greatly.
The Portrait was produced from
this photo which was published
in her Obituary.  It was provided
by her Son, Troy B. Smith.
Portrait made from this Office photo